Irregualr Weight Loss

With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method your dieter is guaranteed to loose weight. Physiologically speaking an intake of about 900 Kcals / day must induce weight loss. If your dieter steps on the scale during their weekly weigh-in and it does not reflect a loss, it will no doubt be because of one of the reasons outlined below. It is important that you understand each of the following scenarios and identify the cause immediately with your dieter in order to keep him/her encouraged and on track with the protocol.

1. Intentional or unintentional deviations from the program (cheats). With each weekly weigh-in it is mandatory that you    review your Dieters’ Daily Journal to identify the area of concern.

Things to look for:

    • Consumption of more than one restricted food per day.
    • Skipping a meal.
    • Not consuming the required amount of vegetables.
    • Consuming too many vegetables that are high on the glycemic index
    • Salad dressings with hidden sugars
    • Consuming foods that are not allowed during the protocol (see Not Allowed on Phase 1 & 2)
    • Dieter’s consultation should be scheduled for the same time each week and preferably wearing the same clothes

2. Pre or Peri-Menopausal women. Pre or Peri-Menopausal women or women with normal menstrual cycles will experience water retention that will mask weight loss for approximately one week each month. The following week she will be back on track.

3. Constipation. If a Dieter has not had a bowel movement every day, due to deviations from the diet such as not eating the recommended serving of vegetables, water or supplements, it can affect the number on the scale. It is imperative to address bowel habits with your client, particularly if they indicate a tendency towards constipation on their health profile.

4. Muscle gain vs. Fat Loss.  Your body is reshaping, the scale may not identify this but your measurements and clothes will! This usually comes into play after the first month of the program.